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LM • Lyrics

10. Turn Up The Music {Lyrics}

Na na na na na na na

[Verse 1]
Take a look around
Who would've thought we'd all be here
So let's mess around
'Cause the future is unclear

We got nothing better to do
We're just trying to get through
Can you here me?
Can you here me?

Let the music groove you
Let the melody move you
Feel the beat and just let go
Get the rhythm into your soul

Let the music take you
Anywhere it wants to
When we're stuck and can't get free
No matter what we'll still be singing

09. Somebody {Lyrics}

Can you see me
cause I'm right here
can you listen?!
cause I've been trying to make you notice
what it would mean to me
to feel like somebody
we've been on our way to nowhere
trying so hard to get there
and I say OH!

we're gonna let it show
we're gonna just let go of everything
holding back our dreams
and try
to make it come alive
come on let it shine so they can see
we were meant to be somebody
somebody,somebody else, somehow,someday,someway, somebody..

I'm so tired
of being invisible
but I feel it, yeah!
like a fire below the surface
trying to set me free
but inside of me
cause we're standing on the edge now
it's a long way down
but I say OH!

08. She's So Gone {Lyrics}

In a skin
Like a puppet, a girl on a string

Broke away
Learn to fly
If you want her back gotta let it shine

So it looks like the joke's on you
'Cause the girl that you thought you knew

She's so gone
That's so over now
She's so gone
You won't run her around
You can look but you won't see
The girl I used to be
'Cause she's
She's so gone

Here I am
This is me
And I'm stronger than you ever thought I'd be

Are you shocked?
Are you mad?
That you're missing out on who I really am

07. More Than A Band {Lyrics}

I can't pretend
To know how you feel
But know that I'm here
Know that I'm real

Say what you want
Or don't talk at all
I'm not gonna let you fall

Reach for my hand
'Cause it's held out for you
My shoulders are small
But you can cry on them too

Everything changes
But one thing is true
We'll always be more than a band

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You used to brave the world
All on your own
Now we won't let you go
we're going along

Be who you wanna be
Always stand tall
Not gonna let you fall

06. Livin´ On A High Wire {Lyrics}

Listen up

This is the story on how we lived
The glory of what we did
It started when we were kids
With music up in our heads
She said

I've been out on the edge
Breathin' a little bit of fresh air
Big dreams, I took a chance
Held out for everything I've got here

I've been feeling this life's a circus
Hanging on without a fear

Livin' on a high wire
Runnin' through a wildfire
You can't shake me, I'm not going nowhere
Walking on a tight road
No net, high hopes
Step back, I'm gonna make it over

Na na na-na-na na na
Livin' on a high wire
Na na na-na-na na na
Livin' on a high wire

05. Here We Go {Lyrics}

Be heard, Be strong, Be proud
I wanna make some noise
Stand up, Come on, Be loud
We're gonna raise our voice
Come on, Come on, Come on
You gotta hear me now
You gotta hear me now
You gotta hear me now

Hey now
we no longer wait around
My team stronger than weights now
Keeps on growing
Our muscles keeps on showing

We came here to make a change
We came here to rearrange
We came here cause we believe
We came here cause we achieve, yeah

While I've got the microphone
Make sure how i feel is known
All for one we rock the zone
How I feel to each his own

All my people treat em right
We reserve the right to fight
For what we want, for what we need
To the front we shall proceed

Here we come and we're ready to
go, go, go
Better run cause we don't take
no, no, no
So come on

04. Don´t Ya Wish U Were Us {Lyrics}

My girl is hotter then then your girl
you know it you know it
my ride is sweeter then your ride
you know it, you know it

don't ya wish u were us(us)
don't ya wish u were us(us)

you know we own this party
you know we run this town
I'm about to steal your girlfriend
I'm about to knock you down

sorry but your train has left the station
maybe u should try a permanent vacation
never even got an invitation did ya?did ya?

hey! (hey) what!?( what)
don't ya wish u were us
hey! (hey)what? (what)
don't ya wish you could rock
you're M.I.A., we're V.I.P
you're LOL we're BIG
no one really likes you that much
don't ya wish that u were us
yeah. don't ya wish u were us

03. Determinate {Lyrics}

Trying hard to fight these tears
I'm crazy worried
Messing with my head this fear
I'm so sorry
You know you gotta get it out
I can't take it
That's what bein' friends about

I, I wanna cry
I can't deny
Tonight I wonder I've been high
And get inside
It isn't right
I gotta live in my life
I know I (3x)
Gotta do it
I know I (3x)
Gotta do it

Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate (2x)
Push untill you can't and then they demand more
Determinate (2x)
You and me togther, we can make it better
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate (2x)

Hey, you feel this way
It was today
I gotta get myself on stage
I shouldnt wait or be afraid
The chips will fall where they may
I know I (3x)
Gotta do it
I know I (3x)
Gotta do it
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate (2x)
Push it till you can and then they demand more
Determinate (2x)
You and me toghter, we can make it better
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate (2x)

02. Breakthrough {Lyrics}

Ooh Yeah

Up, down, spinnin all around
Fly, high, falling to the ground
Sometimes dreams can feel so far away

Time, keeps, skippin' on a beat
Left, right, trippin' on your feet
Life is like a string of cloudy days

Sometimes it's raisin' your voice
Sometimes it's makin' some noise
Sometimes it's proving to the world it was wrong
Whenever you can't see the light
Whenever there's no one in sight
Keep on, keep on moving on
Keep on moving on

Here comes a breakthrough
Here comes a day
Here comes a moment that you gotta go for it
So don't let it get away
It's our breakthrough
Just turn the page
Cause everyday I'm getting closer
Life is just a rollercoaster

01. And The Crowd Goes {Lyrics}

Who's that tryin' to talk to me
Standin' over there lookin' like a wannabe
Keep me on ice, subzero degrees
I'm so solid that you can't see through me

We rock the stage like a playoff game
Don't have to say it, you know my name
Three-point shot, no time on the clock
And the crowd goes wild, are you ready or not?!

And the crowd goes
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
And the crowd goes
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
And the crowd goes
I'm a superstar and I got a cool car
And the girls like me better than whoever you are
Cuz I make your day
Lemme hear you say
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

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